Scour defence River Mersey

Scour defence River Mersey, Warrington

Client; Environment Agency.

Main Contractor: Galifordtry.

The work work involved vegetation clearance of 160 meters of the river bank. Placing geotextile on the river bank and bed with a roll lifter on a long reach excavator, the placing a layer of 200mm rip rap stone on the river bed. The stone was profiled using a 3D GPS system. 15,000 tone of stone was loaded at a temporary quay at Woolston and moved down steam one mile to the work site where the stone was then placed and graded to a 150mm tolerance.

Plant used:

40 tonne, 20 meter long reach excavator.
20 tonne, 16 meter long reach excavator with 3D GPS system.
10M x 12M Ravestein spud leg barge.
2 No. 25 M3 Ravestein hopper barges.
9 meter workboat.
Pioneer multi crew/safety boat.

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