Scour defense work Cromarty Bridge

Scour defense work Cromarty Bridge, Cromarty Firth, Inverness, Scotland.

Client: BEAR Scotland.
Main Contractor: John Paul.

The works involved dredging around six of the bridge columns using 3D GPS dig system. Placing and fixing geotextile around the bridge columns and then placing one ton rock Armour around the columns. there was 3,000 ton of rock placed in total which had to be loaded in Invergordon and towed the ten miles to the Cromarty Bridge. This was a particuraly difficult site because of it's exposed location and strong tides of up to six knots during spring tides. 

Plant used: 
40 ton, 20 meter long reach excavator with 3D GPS system.
20M x 12M Ravestein spud leg barge.
9 meter workboat.
Pioneer multi crew/safety boat.

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